The Farms

Mimomex  Farms

We are partnered with MimoMex Farm in Goshen, New York, (formerly Rodri-Mex) run by Martin and Gaudencia Rodriguez, and we are very excited! Some of you may have already seen MimoMex and their produce at the Sunset Park Greenmarket during the summer months on 4th Ave. and 59th St. The Rodriguez family is based in Brooklyn during the off season, but once the growing season starts, they move upstate to their farm in Goshen.

Read more about the kinds of food raised at MimoMex Farm in our Frequently Asked Questions


We are pleased to partner with Nestor and Alejandra Tello of Tello’s Green Farm for our eggs.

Originally from Colombia, the Tello’s raise their hens on a 5-acre piece of land about 100 miles from New York City in Red Hook, NY. For more info on their farm, click here.





Borchert Orchards in Marlboro, NY & Soon’s Orchards, New Hampton, NY

The fruit being offered this season will come from two different local orchards, Borchert Orchards and Soon’s Orchards.

Borchert Orchards is located in Marlboro, New York and has been in operation since 1919. Next year will mark their 101st year anniversary. Their orchard is a family run business with 4 partners, growing a variety of berries and stone fruits in addition to pears and apples. As a part of the CSA, you will be able to sample a variety of different fruits from Borchert Orchards and as they say, “By our family to your family.”

Soon’s Orchards has been growing apples since 1910 and their farm rests on 30 acres of land in New Hampton, New York. They grow a variety of different apples, peaches and nectarines. For more information about Soon’s Orchards, please see their website at


Lofted Coffee
seeks to maintain a modest life while working to provide tangible support to coffee producers. We wish to actively challenge the current coffee trade-standards and strive to find solutions for a sustainable market, both locally and globally. We believe in complete transparency and traceability – committing ourselves to honest and ethical business practices while ensuring a product of the highest quality to our friends and partners.


Wild yeast, flour, water, salt. Cynthia Lamb has been baking artisanal organic sourdough bread for over a decade starting with just those four ingredients. The whole wheat and rye grains used to make these breads are locally sourced and ground within a day of baking. This results in naturally leavened loaves that retain most of the whole grain nutrients. The natural leavening process makes these breads tasty and easy to digest.

Cynthia is offering a 1+ pound loaf each week. During the season, the two primary breads will be ‘boules’ (round loaves): a country ‘white’ sourdough (wheat starter, wheat and freshly ground wheat and rye berries), and her signature brown bread (wheat starter, freshly ground wheat berries, freshly ground rye berries). Additional loaves may include 100% whole wheat naturally leavened pita breads, Finnish rye bread, and Finnish cardamom braided bread.